Enhance your home with beautiful shrubbery, and flowers. Landscaping is one way to greet your guests and adorn your home.

Colonial Outdoor Solutions understands the health of your plants and lawn are important to you. They use products that will improve the look and health of your lawn and soil. Their system is used in the prevention of weeds, keeping your lawn look lush and green.

During the colder months, Colonial can provide a dormant oil treatment and deep root fertilization promoting your plants growth. Flowers are sure to bloom with the treatments offered such as natural disease and insect disease protection and natural bio simulation.

Authorized BeeSafe Apllicators

Colonial Outdoor Solutions also has an eco-friendly, organic lawn care method when caring for your lawn. That is why Colonial Outdoor Solutions uses the BeeSafe Lawn Care System. Beesafe Lawn Care helps promote plant life, improve the soil providing and give a greener lawn. Colonial Outdoor Solution is authorized to apply the BeeSafe organic products.

Landscape Services

  • Natural Insect Protection
  • Bio-Simulation
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Late Winter Treatment

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